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                Yibi is a young and energetic team. We advocate an active organizational atmosphere, focus on an equal communication environment, and care about the individual career development of employees. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, this is the ideal stage for your talent!

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                Open position

                Product department

                • product designer Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  product designer

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1. Experience in the design of audio products (headphones, speakers) or a strong interest in product design in this area.

                  2. According to the product definition, the ID modeling, rendering and graphic expression of the new product, the control of the product video production work, has a strong visual aesthetic for the product design.

                  3. Independently responsible for the concept, creativity and design research and development of the company's new products, understanding the design positioning and design style of the new products.

                  4. Participate in the company's innovative design plan, responsible for the design and control of the product, product prototype, follow-up and final effect confirmation.

                  5, to complete the analysis and understanding of product definition requirements, there are certain hand-painting ability proposals presented, and the new product development design problems continue to follow up.

                  6. Positive work attitude and strong sense of responsibility.

                • Product manager Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  Product manager

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1. Familiar with mobile power products, can imagine the development trend of future products according to the market dynamics of similar products and changes in market information, and independently lead the project establishment, planning, management and implementation of new products, and have successful cases.

                  2. Have good communication, coordination, organization and team building skills, and have strong judgment, decision, planning and execution capabilities.

                  3. More than three years experience in product manager of 3C digital industry.

                • Project Director Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  Project Director

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                    1. Have certain purchasing experience and be familiar with suppliers of plastic, metal and surface treatment.

                    2. Experience in product development projects, especially in the case of stents or storage products.

                    3. Have a C1 or above driver's license priority.


                Gift department

                • Gift channel salesperson Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  Gift channel salesperson

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1. To develop, promote and negotiate sales business in the gift market in East China and Northwest China.

                  2. Coordinate customer internal resources and assist in tracking, coordinating and resolving problems arising during business implementation.

                  3. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area and complete sales tasks.

                  4. Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers.

                  5. Experience in the gift industry is preferred.

                  6, fluent in Mandarin; excellent language skills, communication skills, good affinity and customer service awareness.

                  7. Have a keen market insight, a strong sense of professionalism, a sense of responsibility and a positive working attitude, able to withstand the pressure of work.

                R&D department

                • Power hardware engineer Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  Power hardware engineer

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1, 3 years of experience in power supply development, with wireless charger, USB charger Typd C charger development experience is preferred.

                  2. Proficient in various topologies of switching power supply adapters such as forward, flyback, full bridge, and half bridge. Familiar with common PWM control chips, familiar with magnetic materials commonly used in switching power supplies.

                  3, skilled use of oscilloscopes and other power supply debugging equipment and other equipment, can assist other departments to solve production or customers.

                  4, have a team spirit, strong communication skills, strong ability to withstand pressure, work hard and earnest, responsible.

                Marketing Department

                • Direct store manager Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  Direct store manager

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1. College degree or above, with experience in store management.

                  2, has a good work ethic, a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism.

                  3. Strong comprehensive management ability.

                  4. Good at finding problems and having strong analytical and decision-making ability.

                  5, has a good psychological quality and resistance to frustration, and aggressive.

                  6, outstanding graduates can be considered.

                Department of Design

                • Graphic design leader Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  Graphic design leader

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1. Tmall intensive pictures, with the experience of operating the production of explosion pictures.

                  2, skilled use of PS software to produce results.

                  3, familiar with Tmall picture production rules.

                  4. Have a certain operational thinking ability.

                supply chain

                • warehouse supervisor Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  warehouse supervisor

                  Shenzhen, Guangdong

                  job requirements:

                  1. Experience in warehouse management of FMCG.

                  2. Experience in e-commerce retail warehouse management.

                  3. High school education or above.

                  4, skilled in using an inventory management system.

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