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                Our superior products

                We specialize in the practical aesthetic design of our products, focusing on the original car style design and universal simple quality assurance manufacturing.

                • Bo Yue Introduction

                  Bo Yue is located in Huizhou, Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. With strong economic development and high-tech enterprises, Bo Yue Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which shoulders the industry mission, is set up in the Dongjiang Science and Technology Park in the state-level Zhongkai High-tech Zone of Huizhou City. In the design and development of automotive parts and products, precision mold manufacturing, production and service, it has grown into a new force in the industry!

                • Technology R&D Improves Core Competitiveness of Enterprises

                  The company has product development and design, plastic mold manufacturing, injection molding, fuel injection, UV, transfer, silk screen, laser engraving and other professional production flow operations and supporting testing equipment, etc., the product and domestic manufacturers have formed a good co-organized support system.

                  All the staff of the company implement the quality policy of “Customer Satisfaction” with the management policy of “Quality-oriented, standardized management, continuous improvement and safe development”.

                • Precision manufacturing capability

                  With more than 50 sets of complete molding equipment, it has two-color mold, laminated mold, and other high-difficult mold production technology. It has high-precision mold production equipment such as CNC and mirror spark machine. The molding cycle is short, and each mold requires only 20-25. Days, the average monthly output exceeds more than 70 sets of precision molds.

                • Injection molding

                  It has more than 30 high-tonnage injection molding machines, including precision single and double color injection molding and fully automatic robotic injection molding, automatic feeding system, 2 times per hour process inspection, and monthly capacity up to 300,000 sets.

                • Surface coating

                  It has 10,000-level dust-free spraying workshop, automatic primer coating line for reciprocating machine, automatic UV and PU spraying line for reciprocating machine, and monthly capacity of 1.2 million pieces.

                • Quality control ability

                  Bo Yue company adheres to the integrated production control process, the full name tracking all production processes, layer control, through the strict testing of various precision testing equipment and quality inspection equipment, the perfect realization of "Bo Yue quality."

                Future vision

                Bo Yue, the future will lay a solid foundation, innovation and integration, establish a sound component technology innovation system, and strive to be the industry's leading auto parts supplier!


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